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Code of Ethics and Standards

  1. Fulfillment of the Funding Partners Mission Statement shall guide all decisions and actions.
  2. Established policy and procedure documents are precedent; interpretation shall occur through sound judgment and reasoned consideration.
  3. Delivering sustainable economic benefit to underserved geographic markets and target populations is of greater importance than short-term financial gain.
  4. The interests of the organization supersede direct personal benefit to staff, Board members and associates.
  5. Obligations to the health and well-being of family, self and community hold higher priority than business obligations.
  6. People are more valuable than property.
  7. Products and services rendered are strictly designed to maximize beneficial community impacts without compromising the financial integrity of clients, stakeholders or associates of the organization.
  8. Fees for products and services rendered shall reflect a reasonable recovery of costs, rather than a measurement of full market value.
  9. Funding Partners shall conduct all activities within the letter and spirit of federal, state and local regulations, whether or not it is strictly bound.
  10. The success of the organization is a product of the number of households served, contributions to the economic vitality of the communities in which they live, and the frequency of repetition.