Home State Bank Invests in Funding Partners
Release Date:December 4th, 2006







The Home State Bank in Loveland, CO has invested $50,000 in Funding Partners to support affordable housing initiatives.



Fort Collins, CO, December 4, 2006: Funding Partners (FP) and Home State Bank are in agreement that the importance of reinvesting capital into Colorado’s low-income households is a vital part of our communities’ health.   



This investment is one of several key elements in Home State’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) program and supports the bank’s efforts to help meet local affordable housing needs. FP understands that banks have several opportunities to fulfill these requirements each year, but when banks invest in FP, these monies qualify as CRA investments through maturity.



Georgia Zastrow, VP / CRA Officer comments, “As a locally owned bank, HSB is highly committed to meeting the needs of our community, including affordable funding sources for homebuyers of all income levels. We feel this investment with Funding Partners is a great way to help us accomplish this mission. FP has an exemplary history and we are honored to participate in this program which will enhance the quality of life for so many families in the Larimer County area.”



This investment has allowed FP to raise permanent capital for affordable housing activities primarily in Larimer County.  More specifically, this $50,000 will be in support of the Mammel Affordable Housing Loan Fund (MAHLF).  MAHLF is a highly adaptive acquisition, creation and preservation financing program designed for very-low to moderate income housing projects.



Over the years MAHLF has financed 1,983 total units that are available to low-income families and individuals.  With over $10.5 million in loan activity the program continues to grow with the support of organizations like Home State Bank.  To demonstrate just how powerful this investment will become: the MAHLF program has been able to utilize a total of $5.5 million in equity investments to create this 10.5 million in loan activity.  FP operates a revolving loan pool that allows capital to be invested in multiple projects over time.



To learn more about the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and what it means to Colorado communities visit http://www.federalreserve.gov/dcca/cra/



For more information about Home State Bank visit www.homestatebank.com




For more information about Funding Partners and how to invest, visit www.fundingpartners.org





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