Funding Partners Grows Leaps and Bounds
Release Date:March 8th, 2006

Funding Partners Grows Leaps and Bounds
Fort Collins , CO, February 27, 2006 Funding Partners, a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) is excited to announce their new website which is up and running, As FP grows, so does their staff, with their newest addition Chris Hutton , Down Payment Coordinator.

The newly remodeled website not only has a fresh new look, but is an invaluable resource tool for every visitor. The information for all FP programs is available online to create easy access to vital resources for the affordable housing community. FP wants to make their programs as accessible as possible to all first time homebuyers, lenders and housing project organizations throughout the state of Colorado . Most importantly their site is easy to use and navigate, allowing quick access to any and all program documents and resource data. They encourage all interested borrowers, lenders, investors and partners to visit to see how FP is growing.

Chris Hutton is FPs new Down Payment Coordinator. Ms. Huttons primary responsibilities include oversight of origination, underwriting, settlement and post-closing maintenance for all consumer finance products. She is in charge of all House to Home Ownership (H2O), Employee Home Ownership Program (EHOP), and Contract loans originated through and by FP. Starting with the organization at the beginning of 2006 she has taken great initiative to become an integral part of the FP organization. With her residential mortgage lending, residential appraising, and advanced communication skills in addition to spending nearly 15 years in the banking industry working as a Senior Mortgage Processor for both Commercial Federal Bank and First National Bank, she is more than qualified for the position.

Chris has begun to reach out to untapped portions of the housing community and educate them on the availability of affordable housing resources that FP and other Colorado organizations offer. She has made presentations to banks, realtors and any other interested parties that would like to learn more about FP and their programs. If you have any question about FP programs or educational trainings, please contacts Chris Hutton at 970-494-2021 or e-mail her at [email protected]. For any additional information on FP visit their website at

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