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Funding Partners & Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity Partner for Loan Origination
Release Date:April 4th, 2011
Fort Collins, CO, April 4, 2011 – Funding Partners (FP), a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution, has executed a service contract with the Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity (GAHFH) affiliate to conduct the loan origination of all GAHFH mortgages.
Through Funding Partners’ collaboration with housing agencies and employers across the state, Funding Partners currently administers loan underwriting, processing and servicing for 26 affordable housing programs.  Funding Partners has developed a framework and programs that address the low income community’s housing needs and effective ways of fulfilling those needs across the housing continuum.
“Funding Partners is very excited to extend services to the Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity affiliate”, states Darcy McClure, Board President of Funding Partners.  McClure continues, “The changing nature of mortgage finance has presented a tremendous challenge to all non-profits engaged in owner-occupied housing, with few as integral as Habitat for Humanity.  In serving those families of very limited means, the unique confluence of each organization provides a highly effective solution that preserves the rather intimate relationship between Habitat and its client families.”    
GAHFH partners with Weld County families who earn 30-60% of the AMI and provides them with the tools they need to be successful permanent homeowners. These tools include education, short and long term support, and affordability. Ensured affordability coupled with financial management education make it more likely that families who participate in the GAHFH program will have sufficient income to pay for other basic necessities. Furthermore, these tools make the likelihood of Habitat families slipping back into poverty considerably less likely.
“Funding Partners has become a wonderful answer to the challenges of the SAFE Act.  They are knowledgeable about mortgages, willing to learn about Habitat, and passionate about homes for low income families.  I highly recommend them”, states Joe Tennessen, Executive Director for Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity.
Funding Partners is proud to be a part of this local partnership opportunity that incorporates public, private and non-profit agencies, realtors, contractors and other industry professionals to empower families to be successful homeowners, citizens, and neighbors through the GAHFH program. 
For further information regarding Funding Partners or the Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity Partnership, please contact: Connie Ealey or Megan Gifford, (970) 494-2021 or by email [email protected] or [email protected]
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